Very general rules say that wine should be served at a temperature not higher than 18°C ​​and not lower than 7°C. White wine should be more chilled and, what is important, remember that the temperature of wine poured into a glass always increases by 1-2° C. However, this is too general and basic information, let’s focus on the more detailed ones.

Proper wine storage and temperature will cause the opened wine to present its full bouquet of aromas and flavor. It is important that the wine is kept at the right temperature at all times, and not just a moment before consumption, because the temperature at which the wine is stored all the time affects its quality, improvement or deterioration of taste. Thus, for long-term storage of wine, a temperature of 11 to 12°C is recommended, it is very important that it is constant and does not fluctuate by more than 1°C. The lighter, younger and sweeter the wine, the lower the serving temperature should be. Similarly, the more mature and complex the wine, the higher the temperature should be.