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Discover our vineyard

Słoneczny Zakątek Vineyard was established in 2012. On the land where the vineyard is planted, fruit trees and bushes have been grown for centuries. The ideal location, sun exposure, and proximity to a body of water, all create a unique microclimate which favours vines. The planting was preceded by years of careful observation of the area, and research into and analysis of the soil, which had been specially prepared beforehand for vine cultivation. Years of care and hard work have allowed us to grow. We have expanded our vineyard, and now it occupies an area of 4.5 hectares. Our wines are produced from as many as 13 different grape varieties.

A place for unique meetings

The Tasting Room: a place full of atmosphere just next to our vineyard. Thanks to its location, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the vineyard straight from our terrace. It is the perfect place to organise a tasting of our wines. We will prepare for you and your guests a special commentated tasting, combined with a presentation and a tour of the winery. Want to surprise your guests? If this is not enough, we can conduct training in wine tasting and the basics of the art of the sommelier.
The unique atmosphere of this place is also conducive to the organisation of exhibitions, chamber concerts, vernissages, and business meetings and conferences.

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