Choosing the right glass is extremely important, thanks to the appropriate structure, we can fully feel the taste and aromas of the drink. It may seem unbelievable, but wine served in the wrong glass tastes definitely different than it should.

Let’s start with red wine. Red wine should be served in a glass with a deep and large bowl. A characteristic feature is the bulkiness of the upper part, which looks like a tulip. The large diameter of the bowl allows for a better release of aromas that are hidden in red wine. And the depth and shape allow you to “store” the unique aroma of a given wine.

Which glass to choose when choosing white wine, here you should definitely choose a smaller glass with a narrower bowl. The glass must be more slender than a red wine glass. White wine is not as aromatic, it is more delicate, therefore it cannot have so much contact with the air to enjoy the aroma of the drink as long as possible.

A glass for rose wine, similarly to white wine, is characterized by a narrower and short bowl, its shape allows the slow release of wine aromas.

Glasses for sparkling wine and champagne are one of the most characteristic glasses that you have certainly seen more than once. These are slender and tall glasses, thanks to this structure the bubbles stay in the wine longer.

Now that you know how to enjoy good wine in the right glass, we invite you to buy our wines. In our offer you will find a wide range of red and white wines and one unique rosé wine.